Where you can buy our Microwear Smartwatches?

Buy Microwear H1  ( IP68 waterproof, replaceable strap)

 Buy Microwear H1 at AliExpress
 Buy Microwear H1 at Gearbest
Buy Microwear H1 at GeekbuyingBuy Microwear H1 at Geekbuying
Microwear igogo.esBuy Microwear H1 at igogo.es
Buy microwear H1 at TinyDealBuy Microwear H1 at TinyDeal


                   Buy Microwear  at 1688.com
Microwear Official at 1688.com

Buy Microwear  at 1688.com

Only ship to China

1. Where to buy Microwear H1 26mm Steel Strap?

Microwear H1 Steel strap

Black Steel Strap is available at Microwear Official store at Aliexpress and Gearbest  

2. Where to buy Microwear H1 USB  Cable?

If you could like to buy one more original USB cable, could ask the retailer if they could send togather. If not, you also could order one from  Microwear Official store at Aliexpress  

Customers could download Microwear User Manual ( H1, H2,H5, L1, X2)  in English & Chinese Directly  Here

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